Friday, 20 February 2009

Grouse Mountain

today was a day off for Isaac and Matthew from school so Andrew took a day off work and we all headed of to the top of Hrouse Mountain, a local mountain for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. I don't ski (I won't tell the long story of why here!) but Andrew, Ruth and the 2 older boys do, so the plan was that I'd look after Tom while they went skiing.

Tom and I wandered around the ski chalet for a while, checking out the soft toy animals (well he is only about to turn 2!), went and watched a bit of skiing and skating and then found a balcony out the back of the coffee shop to sit and wait for the others. We were probably there for nearly an hour, reading some books, having a snack and generally watching the people. Lovely as all that sounds, it wasn't the best bit - that was the fact that it was really warm and I was in danger of getting colour on my face from the heat!! It was beautiful - looking out over Vancouver city spread out down below, the mountains all round and it all being interspersed with Tom saying "look!" and pointing at pretty much anything that moved - especially the gondalas that seemed to fascinate him!

Definitely a great way to spend a Friday morning! I'll put up photos soon - promise!

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