Saturday, 14 February 2009


So I arrived in Seattle late last night after a VERY LONG day!! I flew out of Belfast where their check in was down so I could only check to Newark and then the plane was late taking off. That bit wasn't so bad but then I had to claim my luggage and re-check it in Newark. That did however help to pass a bit of time in my 6 hour layover!! I do not recommend that in Newark. There is only so much people watching, reading and Masters work i can do when I'm tired and would like somwhere comfy to sit!!

I got here though at about 11pm last night - 7am in Northern Ireland time - which was 24 hours after I woke up! Its been a lovely day though with Caroline and Anna and we have done a lot of laughing and talking! Caroline is just putting Anna to bed to have a wee nap.

Tomorrow church with them and then the bus trip to Vancouver and some snow!

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