Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The trip

So I'm off to Vancouver in less than 2 weeks and there is still loads to do. Travel insurance is a small thing to sort but there's the matter of getting from Seattle to Vancouver on the best form of transport and then I need to book a hotel at the airport for the last night!

So the bus/train saga - there seems to only be one train that goes up in the morning and back at night so that probably is not the best option so looks like I'm going to go on a bus! I found one that has wifi in it (not sure how that works but sounds interesting) which seemed like a good idea until I was thinking that I may not have something for wifi to be useful for but we'll see!! Hopefully I'll get that sorted!

The hotel problem is that I don't want to end up in a crumby dive that is really loud with planes all night but also don't want to spend a fortune!!!

It would be so much easier if I had someone to do all this for me and I just turned up but I guess there would be no fun in that!!

Anyway, today I'll be going to Newry - Rambling number 1: very exciting!

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