Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I've been in Vancouver for 2 days now and its great!! Arriving by bus from Seattle was really interesting cos I got to see so much of the countryside on the way up. At the border I got sent into a wee room by myself which freaked me out a little but then realized I was the only non-Canadian/American on the bus and so the immigration procedures were a bit different! I was quite relieved!! When I got to Vancouver my brother was a bit late picking me up but I got to sit and get some fresh air while listening to the sounds of the city.

When we got to the house it was great to see Ruth and the boys - and feel really relaxed. Being here just feels so naturally and normal. Its great!! Yesterday I looked after Matthew and Tom for a bit while Ruth went to do messages. After Matthew went to pre-school, Tom and I read some books which was very special but also reminded me how much I miss out on with them, living so far away. I got to visit Matthew's pre-school and Isaac's school tho which was fun.

Today while Isaac has gone to school, ruth, Matthew, Tom and I went to Vancouver Aquarium which is a great place. The boys loved it and so did we. The only downside was getting the worst cup of coffee I've had in a long time from the coffee stand outside. We even saw a pregnant baluga whale and a baby whale - quite cool!!

Now just having a rest before walking down to pick Isaac up from school and I'll need my energy for him! Not sure what the rest of the day has in store but I guess that is half the fun of being on hols - no real need to plan ahead much!! :)


  1. Hi there - found ya! good to hear ur havin a gret time! you'll have to get some pics up here too!