Thursday, 12 March 2009


So I haven't been very good at this so far and I plan to change that! I guess the excuse is busyness but also just lack of habit so I am going to set myself a new challenge to try and remember to do this! Barbara and I are going to Chicago on Monday morning to the Willowcreek Children's Ministry COnference called Conspire and for various reasons I am going to have my laptop with me and so I am going to challenge myself to blog each day about what we have been doing and maybe even some of the stuff from the conference.

I think that will be a good thing for several reasons:
1. It will get me remembering to blog
2. You will see the exciting stuff we are doing, inc. meeting up with one of my dearest friends ever, JC!!
3. It will make me think through and comment on the conference every day and that could be a good debrief for my brain - though the conference is only 3 of the days we are away but I think there will be lots going on!

So that is my pledge; now to see if it works!

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